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JW started back in 1923 when merchant C.A. Christensen founded Nordjysk Skjortefabrik in a small apartment in the heart of Aalborg. He spent his waking hours cutting, sewing and choosing special qualities that after hard work became shirts for field workers. C.A. Christensens passion for creating and developing grew concurrently with the production. It did not take long before the collection became quality workwear.

In 1957 C.A. Christensens two sons became partners of the company and when the keen merchant one year later died, the son Juul Christensen became director of the company. His successor became Jørgen Christensen, a grandchild of C.A. Christensen. Jørgen Christensen was director of Jyden Konfektion A/S, Aalborg, which was the name of the company at that time. After he took over things went fast. The small family owned company took part in developing a new mix of polyester/cotton. This led to Jyden Konfektion A/S, Aalborg becoming the first in Europe to produce workwear in this new quality which was soon to become very popular. To-day this unique quality is used in many different industries.

In 2016 Jyden Workwear was bought up by Borch Textile Group A/S, which is owned by Ulrik Mosegård. Borch Textile Group consists of Almedahls, Sweden, Sølvberg, Norway and Borch Textile, Slagelse. Apart from this Borch Textiles has their own factory in Poland. Borch Textile Group A/S has app. 120 employees distributed between the companies. Borch Textile Group A/S is one of the leading companies selling textiles to the health sector, industry and hospitals and we continously seek to broaden our position to please our customers.