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Company Profile

JW is an international sales and production company with the intension of producing workwear for the European market. JW has 100 years of experience in selling and producing workwear and we are fully focused on high quality designing, constructing and producing workwear solutions for any purpose.

Our products address the health- and care sector, industry, food industry and service- and hospital trade.

JW’s many yars of experience and co-operation with customers and supplyers, secure you the best workwear in classic and timeless designs. All our workwear is produced in co-operation with and focusing on the end-users. This will guarantee you the best workwear for your exact purpose.

Quality and design:

For JW it is a privilege to produce workwear that can make a difference to the employees, and that is what keeps us focused on the details and demands, that make the employees happy for the workwear. In all our designs we have focused on ergonomics and working environment and that the workwear does not give any inconveniences or problems as e.g. allergies, shoulder- or neck pains. Functionality and comfort is a given fact in all our designs and our goal is to offer you the best workwear to satisfy your expectations.

All our fabrics, materials and new products are being tested in laboratories and with our customers before they are accepted in our workwear programme. This assures you that the workwear will be optimal for your trade and work situations. Also it is colour resistant, keeps its form and looks, and stays presentable.


At JW the innovative process with workwear never stops. It is an on-going process, whether it is a question of design, environment or raw materials. The constatly  growing interest in environment, working environment and not least the fast development of technology, make it necessary at all times to adjust the workwear to new demands and needs. We include the users in all processes and this enables us to proudly present new products that fullfil any demands or needs.

Innovation also includes re-using textiles with a regard to reducing the huge amounts of textiles, that are every year destroyed all over the world. JW honours to live up to being responsible when it comes to environmental or community responsibilities.